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Recruitment of export products salesman Post Detailed Information
Place Of Work: Quyang Beihuan Rd Tung Tau company Number: 2
Remuneration: Touching base salary into a Effective Time: 2010.02.23 - 2010.05.23
Recruitment Unit: Quyang County Aiqiang process carving factory Contacts:
Tel: 0312-4221829 Address:
Zip Code: E-mail:
Updated: 2010.03.20 Views:
Responsibilities: Recruitment of export products salesman
Job Requirements: As the company's business continues to expand, the needs of business people more and more, which requires young people wishing to join, the company offers an excellent working platform for ambitious people want to grow with the company.

Job requirements: 1, with 4 level and above the standard of English language to communicate with foreign business.

               2, have a college education, international trade, professional graduates priority.

               3, there is a good moral foundation, style upright, strong sense of responsibility, for others and good, treating others with enthusiasm.

               4, aged 22 to 30 years old, male or female. Healthy, articulate, handsome.
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